Prince Rupert

Dylan Demosten is Captain of the F/V Delta Harvester. The largest Dungeness crab boat on the BC coast. Dylan spent 5 years working on deck before taking over as Captain in 2017. A 4th generation fisherman on his mother’s side and 3rd generation on his father’s side. He says “My whole family was a part of teaching me how to fish. I really enjoy what I do and the freedom of it. If I’m not on the water for a long period of time I’m miserable!” 

Home Port: Prince Rupert

Tell us a bit about your boat!

Built in 1991 by John Manly Ltd. The Delta Harvester is 65ft long and 21ft wide, making it the largest Dungeness crab boat in the BC fleet. Its live tanks can hold 90,000lbs of crab and our record catch in 2020 was 83,000lbs. 

How long have you been commercial fishing for? I’ve been fishing since I was seven years old so for 27 years now. 

What other fisheries are you involved in? 

The Delta Harvesters only fishes Dungeness crab now. I used be involved with the herring seine, salmon seine and prawn fisheries. 

What do you love about being a commercial fisherman? Flat calm weather, the sun setting and good fishing is a wonderful day. That’s why we do it. If you just get that for one moment it makes everything worth it. 

What is the hardest part of your job? Fishing is an up-and-down job. You always have to embrace and relish the moment when you are at your peak and not get hung up on the time’s when you aren’t.

Any advice for young people entering the industry? As soon as you look at it as an adventure and a lifestyle everything else comes easier. If you just look at it as a job and you are just there for the paycheque you aren’t really fishing you are just looking to catch. My dad used to tell me you are only as good as your last catch. So stay humble.

What’s your favorite way to cook Dungeness crab? 

Regular boiled and shucked is the best way. We like to cook it right on the back deck in fresh seawater. Once the meat is shucked it’s great in a crab alfredo. 

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